Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Greatest Album in the World. Possibly Ever.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Well... the time has come. We're finally getting ready to go into the studio to record our first ever full-length album. We're not kidding around either.

I know you're probably thinking, "Man, these guys can't be recording a new album. That's way too awesome for me to believe. Oh hey, did I forget to close the refrigerator door all the way when I was making that bologna and cheese sandwich at lunch today. Son of a... I did! Ugh, well now I'm gonna have to stop reading this blog and go home to close it. Everything in it is probably ruined... I bet I can still drink that bag of white wine though. Hmm. I guess I've never thought about it, but if you had to buy everything in your fridge all at once, it would probably be super-expensive. Man, this sucks."

But it's true. We are. We've written some new material, compiled a couple of our most popular songs from our old material, and locked in a final list of songs. We're planning on 11 or so, but if we arrive at the studio and they tell us we have to pay by the song, we'll probably just do one really long rambling song with various "movements" and "key changes."

We can only hope that the new album will do half as well as our last release - the low-budget, 4-song EP, What's Goin' On With Grandpa. That release sold over 12 copies (almost 3 to non-family members) and skyrocketed to the low-middle of the Posse's inner-band music charts. At least that's what Brian told us, as he keeps track of all the band's "charts." Perhaps the EP's most notable accolade was its prestigious placement in the jukebox (right in between Bob Dylan and Neil Young) at The Happy Cow bar in San Marcos, Texas. We're hoping to dethrone Neil Young from his place atop the page with this album.

In case you're curious what the subject matter of these new songs is... here's a little info. As usual, at least two are about spousal abuse. Two are about gun violence (one taking the "negative" stance and the other taking the "affirmative" stance). Two are about visual impairments. One is about the elderly and insensitivity toward aging (taking the "affirmative" stance). One is about indecision, one is about hipsters, two are about highways, one is an instrumental, one is about knives and one is about alligators (the last two are the same song).

Once the album is released, we'll obviously need to hit the road and promote it. You can check out upcoming Posse shows on our Calendar page. The album isn't done yet, but we're playing all the new stuff at our gigs.

In order to make proper album promotion a reality, we acquired a very used, very large, very green passenger van. By "acquired," I mean that it descended from the clouds and lit upon my driveway on a Sunday morning - as per the photo to the left.

To give you an idea as to its size, it "comfortably" fits our upright bass, drum kit, 5 amps, PA system, 2 guitars, banjo, mandolin and fiddle. Also 5-9 people and up to 3 dogs depending on the gig.

Of course, we are all cautiously optimistic/delusional about the success of the new record. We believe there will probably be some degree of mass pandemonium once it "drops," as we say in the music "biz."

To illustrate one scenario we believe to be likely, we've presented an artist's rendering of what might happen to Wolfgang Puck after he purchases his first copy. As you can see in the picture, Wolfgang will be forced to choose between his trademark brand of coffee and turning on the Possum Posse's new album to wake himself up in the morning. Obviously, doing both would result in a manic episode and possible musically-induced mania. Bottom line, though... we're willing to deal with all of these issues. We'll start with actually completing the album first though.

Wish us luck. We've got big shoes to fill... ours.